The guesthouse and pizzeria At Stana’s is situated in Notranjska, more precisely in the idyllic village Žerovnica , which is at the edge of Cerknica lake and the nearby Križna jama. The estate, where today is the mentioned guesthouse can pride itself upon more than hundred year tradition of the inn-keeping.

In 1983 Mrs Cimermančič-Rok Stanka took over the then refreshment room and with the help of her family and in the course of the time, transformed the refreshment room into a snack-bar due to the demands of the guests, and later on into the guesthouse and pizzeria. The surroundings of the guesthouse is in good order and peaceful with the appertinent parking lot fort he guests.

We dispose of ninety seats in the inner part of the house and as well as in two summer terraces accepting additional fifty persons. Our offer is based on the dishes with a touch of home-preparation which enables us to keep the traditional culinary art. We strive to improve our offer at each step.

As our wonderful sites attract more and more tourists, we let the accommodation as well.
We offer two apartments, two bedrooms as well as a family room, which together offer up to 13 sleeping facilities (lying areas). The accommodations are furnished in the most beautiful rustic style.

In 2020 we completed our offer with the parking lot for campers and camping-cars. The parking lot is situated in the retreated part of the property which enables the guests to have their privacy, peace and a wonderful view of Slivnica and our periodic lake.